Movie Review: The Hangover Part III (2013)


Most people managed to enjoy The Hangover III even when there were many poor reviews about it on the web. The third and final installment of Todd Philip’s comedy film, The Hangover, followed a different plot. The gang is back in Vegas, just like what happened in the first movie. The only difference is that there was no bachelor party to celebrate and no one experienced the hangover that supported the plot of the first two movies. 

During the first movie, the four middle-class best buddies had a memorable stag party in Sin City before one of them got married in Los Angeles. They stayed at Caesar's Palace, relaxed a little and then played casino games. It is said that guests coming from all over the world are checking in at Caesar Palace’s front desk, asking the same unforgettable scene from the movie, “Is this the real Caesars Palace?” The hotel is recognized as one of the most popular casino hotels in Las Vegas, even before the movie was released. Its grand rooms can accommodate large groups of people who are staying for a night or two in Las Vegas to witness the World Poker Tour Championship sponsored by Bwin, the team behind Poker and blackjack are just two of the most played card games at renowned casinos such as Caesar’s Palace. Not everyone has the uncanny ability to count cards like Zack’s character in the first movie, and live casinos can be dauntingly expensive with strict dress codes. The first movie has certainly set the bar high, putting the spotlight on why Vegas is known as Sin City. With exotic dancers, white chapels, loan sharks, and famous boxing champions, it brewed the perfect formula for a good movie. 

People said that The Hangover II was just a copy-and-paste kind of movie, taking most of its plot from the first one and changing the setting to exotic Thailand. The third movie, however, is very much different. It mainly focused on their misadventures in trying to help Zack’s character, Alan, seek professional help in Arizona. It also focused on the action scenes when the gang was on their way to Arizona instead of adapting the gags made from the previous movies. While traveling, they were abducted by John Goodman, a gangster who is seeking revenge against Leslie Chow and the four heroes in the movie. They traveled to Las Vegas and Tijuana with a fear of death hanging above their heads. The movie is not as funny as the first film, but it was more focused on how Alan has matured. You’ll enjoy the film if you can relate to the characters and their pranks.