Movie Review: Hick (2012)

Director: Derick Martini
Rated: R
Running Time: 99 min

Chloe Grace Moretz as Luli
Juliette Lewis as Tammy
Eddie Redmayne as Eddie
Blake Lively as Glenda
Hick is the story of a young girl, Luli, and her struggle to grow up and get out of her little town in Nebraska. Her mother, Tammy, had her at a young age and still hasn't quite grown up herself. They are living in a run-down shack, barely making it week-to-week. Her father is very undependable, and her mother is on the lookout for a rich husband.

Luli escapes her situation by retreating into an active fantasy life full of movie stars and dreams. She always has a sketch pad with her where she records her life story in pictures as she narrates the film. After she receives a 48 for her birthday, she decides to pack it and a few clothes and run away. Along the way, she meets up with a few folks she wish she hadn't, including Eddie and Glenda. Eddie is a former rodeo cowboy with a limp who stops to give young Luli a ride. Very quickly, he reveals himself to be quite emotionally labile and the ride is cut short. Then Luli is picked up by Glenda, a youngish woman who has clearly been leading a rough life, full of disastrous love affairs and drug addiction.

Glenda decides to take young Luli under her wing and school her in the ways of the world. But Luli soon finds herself in a dangerous situation as she discovers that Eddie and Glenda are linked to one another.

The acting is great in this film. Chloe Grace Moretz (from Kickass) proves once again to be very mature for her young age. She delivers the type of performance you would expect from a more veteran actor. Eddie Redmayne has long been a favorite of mine. He is at once vulnerable and chilling as the disturbed cowboy, Eddie. And Blake Lively successfully pulls off the role of a woman still young in years but so tired in her soul. You get the feeling that there are days when life just seems too much for her. Juliette Lewis is excellent as the mother who needs some mothering herself. She's always so good at playing trashy roles.

The film ends with a shocker (and a cameo by Alec Baldwin). If you like small, quiet Indie films with breakout performances, you'll love Hick. You can download it now at iTunes Hick.

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