Two Great Podcasts for Film Lovers: The Treatment and Filmspotting

Every evening, I listen to at least one podcast regarding films and the film industry. Now I want to share the best two with you. The first podcast I'd like to highlight is "The Treatment" from KCRW with Elvis Mitchell. The phrase "the treatment" means a prose version of a screenplay. Each week, Mr. Mitchell interviews directors, actors, and other members of the film industry, and he is very qualified to do so. From the start, it is very clear that Elvis Mitchell knows films. He has an extensive knowledge base that lends itself to the in depth conversations that occur on "The Treatment". No matter what random film reference comes up, he is demonstrate a nuanced opinion. I've never heard anyone who has more knowledge regarding films and film making.

Elvis Mitchell has been a film critic for The Fort-Worth Star Telegram, LA Weekly, The Detroit Free Press, and the New York Times. He has had several short-lived television programs as well. Currently, along with hosting "The Treatment", he is the curator of LACMA's new film series "Film Independent at LACMA".

If you'd like to check out "The Treatment" you can either search for it on the free Stitcher Radio App which you can download here

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 or you can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes here

KCRW's The Treatment

. More information can be found about the show at their website


The second podcast that I find to be extremely informative regarding films is "Filmspotting" with Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen. I've been listening to this podcast on and off for a few years. Over the years, Adam Kempenaar has remained a permanent part of the program with the co-host position being handled by a few different people. The show has evolved over the years, but basically there are a few regular segments: Massacre Theater (in which Adam and Josh act out a scene from a movie and listeners can write in with the movie and win a prize), The Filmspotting Pantheon (these are iconic movies that are discussed so frequently that they are automatically excluded from top ten or "best of" lists), and of course, reviews of the latest films currently in theaters. You can download the podcast here



The show has also expanded into other areas in order to meet the changing needs of film lovers. "Filmspotting SVU (streaming video unit)" is a biweekly podcast hosted by Alison Willmore and Matt Singer. I find this particularly interesting because I don't have a lot of time to go to the theaters and I'm always looking for good films to watch online. You can download this podcast from iTunes here

Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit (SVU)


I hope you find these podcasts to be as enjoyable and informative as I do. Thanks for stopping by and getting buzzed!!