Movie Review: The Heat (2013)

Director by: Paul Feig 

Written by: Katie Dippold

Rated: R

Running Time: 117 min


FBI Agent Ashburn is very good at her job and takes it and herself very seriously. She's even better at sniffing out weapons and drugs than the K-9 officers. But she's not good at making friends on the job or off. So when she is up for a promotion, she finds her efforts thwarted by the complaints of her colleagues. She is sent to Boston to see if she can find a big-time drug dealer. If she is successful, she has a good chance at the promotion. When she arrives, she discovers that the mystery dealer has been knocking off his competitor's. One of these competitor's is arrested, she decides to interrogate him for any information. Unfortunately for her, the arresting officer, Mullins, a crude, brash Boston PD detective, does not like to share her suspects with anyone. These two women could not be more different: one likes to follow the rules and prides herself on her professionalism, the other likes to succeed by intimidation of both criminals and other police alike and she doesn't care who she has to insult or injure to get her way. 

The two women are assigned to work together to find the big dealer. Of course, they have a hard time collaborating. They can't even walk through a door properly because they are both trying to get through it first. And that sets the tone for the relationship. The movie has its funny moments, mostly from Melissa McCarthy who has genius comedic timing and is a master at physical comedy. For example, when she has to park in a tight parking space, the only way to get out of the car is to climb through her window, then through the window of the police car next to her and then out the opposite door. Hilarious. And her utter disdain for everyone around her culminates in some of the most biting insults ever hurled.  

And then there is her family. This may be one of the most dysfunctional families ever to see the silver screen. Jane Curtin is an absolute riot as the matriarch of the family and her brothers are priceless with the barely understandable South Boston accents.  

Sandra Bullock is always great at everything she does. The more serious she gets, the funnier she is. The chemistry between Bullock and McCarthy is perfect. The scene where the two women have a few too many and end up dancing the night away in a dive bar made me laugh so hard, I couldn't breathe.  

It's not a perfect film by any means, but I found it entertaining. I feel confident that Melissa McCarthy has the talent to become one of the best comedic actresses of her generation (or any other for that matter). And the only problem with Sandra Bullock is that we don't get to see her enough. But I understand wanting to take some time off for family.  

I also want to mention that I saw the film at Studio Movie Grill and had a great movie experience. The seats are reserved and, with the push of a button, you can have good food and drinks brought to your table with very little interruption. I never even noticed them serving other customers. The seats are comfy and the movies are first run. If you have one near you, I strongly recommend it. Plus it was ladies' night so the tickets were only $5. Can't beat that! 

If you're looking for a fun movie for a girls' night out, then check out The Heat. And be sure to let me know what you think of the film after you see it. Thanks for stopping by and getting buzzed! See you soon!! 



Becki JollyComment