Most Useful App for Your Smartphone

For my first review, I wanted to talk about the one thing I use everyday- Stitcher Radio. It's a free app that allows you to listen to podcasts and radio programs on demand. Prior to getting this app, I was constantly downloading podcasts off iTunes for later listening. I spent so much time updating my shows and deleting the ones I didn't want. And these shows were taking up precious memory on my device. Not so with Stitcher. It is streaming so you don't have to download anything or use up any memory. There are many categories to choose from: New and Noteworthy, Comedy, Business & Industry, News & Politics, Society & Culture, Education, Entertainment, Games & Hobbies, Lifestyles & Health, Local, Music Commentary, Parenting, Science & Medicine, Spirituality & Religion, Sports, Technology, and World & International plus many more. After you select shows that you like, you can add them to a favorites list to make it easier to find and update.