Product Review: Rodan & Fields Skincare

My normal reviews are for films, music, and TV shows, but the reason I started JollyBuzz was to have a platform to tell everyone about the things in my life that I really really love. That is why I decided to write a review of Rodan & Fields skincare products. I want to begin by saying that I do not sell these products and this is NOT a paid endorsement. I am only doing this to get the word out about these phenomenal products. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are dermatologists who invented the Proactiv Acne Solution. Most people have heard of Proactiv but may not be aware that the same doctors have now created a line of high end skincare products that address all of the concerns you may have about your skin: Sun damage, aging, redness/sensitivity, blemishes, and dullness. Ordinarily, to get the kind of FDA-approved results that you can get with these products, you would need to go to your physician and get a prescription. Drs. Rodan and Fields wanted to be able to bring these products to everyone. The products are only available through their consultants. Here you can see Dr. Rodan & Fields talking about their company:
Prior to using these products, I have been using Obagi and Ahava products. I have been fairly happy with them, but there were still problem areas for which I couldn't find the right solution. When you go to their website (, you can find the perfect solutions by using their solution tool This tool guides you in making the best choice for your skin. They also have the ability to analyze your photo and recommend regimens.

The first problem for which I want a solution is my lips. I have a problem with dry, chapped lips and loss of definition around the edges. I also have some wrinkles in the corners of my mouth that really bother me. So I was happy to find out that they have a solution for my problem. I start by applying Enhancements Lip Microdermabrasion to my moistened lips followed by the AntiAge Lip Renewing Serum just before bedtime every night. Almost immediately I noticed that the dryness was gone. And after 2 weeks, my lips do seem fuller and more defined.

The next issue for me are age spots and dryness of my hands. Rodan & Fields has a unique approach to this problem. I don't know about you, but I worry about the sun exposure my hands get while I'm driving around. I also have to wash my hands a lot due to being a nurse practitioner. Their Anti-Age Hand Treatment Regimen includes a brightening treatment and an AgeShield Hand Balm with SPF 30. The way to use it is to apply the brightening treatment first. Then apply the hand balm over the top. The hand balm does two things: it protects your skin from the sun's damaging rays and it locks in the moisture if you need to wash your hands. Brilliant idea!! I have been using this product for a few weeks as well, and I love it. I love it so much that I ordered another hand treatment just to keep in my bedside table. And I've put it on every woman I've talked to in the past few weeks so now I need a third tube! My husband has even remarked on how young my hands look. Amazing!

I also like to use a body exfoliator in the shower. I've used La Mer Body Polisher in the past which is very expensive and has crushed diamonds in it. No lie. So Rodan & Fields had their work cut out for them with me. I bought the Enhancements Body Microdermabrasion. After the first use, I was sold. When I got out of the shower, my skin felt like I had already applied lotion. It also seemed to have a shimmer to it, but that might have been my imagination.

Daily, I use the AntiAge Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30. I'm a survivor of skin cancer, so it is a top priority for me to protect my skin from the sun's harmful rays. But in the past, I have found the sunscreens (even ones that are formulated for the face) to be thick and white, making it look like Kabuki makeup. But not this one. It has the feel of a light soufflé and doesn't leave a thick, white substance on my face. Right when I apply it, there is the scent of sunscreen. But it very quickly fades and is not noticeable.

The Enhancements Mineral Peptides SPF 20 is a powder filled with antiaging ingredients. Drs. Rodan & Fields have a goal to get your skin looking so great, you won't have to wear foundation. But it's a process that takes time. So in the meanwhile, this powder can protect your skin from the sun while brightening and evening out the complexion. You buy it with this special brush at first and then you put the powder on the brush, close it up, and then stick it in your purse to use when you need a pick me up during the day.

The last product I want to review is their Enhancements Microdermabrasion Paste. I use it a couple of times per week and it is amazing. How amazing is it? Well, I had a little red scar on my cheek due to having a suspicious lesion removed. It bothered me but I didn't think I could do anything about it. But now it has faded to almost nothing. After only 2 weeks. I wish I had taken before photos but I really didn't think it would do anything to a scar. But since this and the Triple Defense Treatment are the only new items I've used on my face, I can only attribute it to these products. When I say it's a miracle, believe me, it is.

Here is video showing some of the before and after results with these products:
Once again, I want to stress the fact that I am not selling these products nor am I being paid or otherwise compensated for doing this review. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that if I like something, everyone will here about it. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and read the review. And remember, you can use these products even if you're a dude! Here is the link to check out the products and purchase if you so desire:

Thanks for stopping by and getting buzzed!!