Smile for Yoko!

Recently I became aware of an art project launched by Yoko Ono in which she is trying to capture a smiling snapshot of every person on the planet. Her idea for this project began back in 1967. A copy of her original script can be found at the Smiles Film website in which she outlines her desire to capture the world of smiles and put it on film. At that time, logistics were an issue. It would have been very difficult for her to travel all around the world and take everyone's photo. And it would have been impossible for everyone to mail her a photo, not to mention having to edit them into the film. The script also reveals that her original idea had a political undertone, as well. The Vietnam War was raging, and she imagined President Johnson being able to see the faces of those being killed on a daily basis. That would certainly have made the war more personal.

Ms. Ono believes in the healing power of smiling. In an email interview, she admitted that it was difficult to do so after the death of her husband, John Lennon. But she made herself look in the mirror and smile. She recommends that everyone do this daily for a happier world.

With the advent of Twitter and Instagram, she is now able to make her dream a reality. There a few ways to participate. First, you can upload a picture on Twitter with the hashtag #smilesfilm. The photo is automatically added to the film. It's as easy as that.

The other way to participate is with an app designed to link with Twitter and Instagram. You can take a picture using the app and it will connect straight to twitter and include the hashtag automatically. The app also allows you to look at the submitted photos by location or chronologically.

I downloaded the app and posted some pics myself, and it was so much fun. Then my son and I watched the film and couldn't help but smile back at all of the beautiful faces. There are now 2716 smiles!

You can see a short interview with her below. I was so struck by the beauty of her smile. She looks better now than she ever has, and I can't help but think it's all of the smiling.

Please consider taking part in this unique art project and get happier by doing so. And remember, you just got buzzed!