New Song Review: "Phone Call (Boom Boom)" by Craig Morrison

Recently, while visiting with Buzz Brainard at the studios of Sirius XM Radio (The Highway), I heard about an exciting new talent. His name is Craig Morrison. After reading about him, I find it funny to call him a “new” talent when clearly he has been performing for most of his life. He is the son of the famous Australian singing artist Lucky Starr. At the young age of 13, he began performing in commercials, movies, and on the stage with his father. He had already achieved acclaim in Australia and France before moving to Nashville, where he has found his true calling in country music. 

He is one of those rare talents in that he isn’t just an excellent singer but is also a talented songwriter, performer, and musician. His talent has been compared to Keith Urban but not because they are both from Australia. The comparison goes deeper than that. Both are multitalented, unlike so many other artists today who can sing or play but not both.

His first US single is “Phone Call (Boom Boom)”, and it is sure to be a hit. His voice has an amazing range, tugging at your heartstrings from the first note. The song itself explores making mistakes in a relationship but wanting to make up for it. “Boom Boom” is an alliteration referring to a clock ticking, a heart anxiously pounding, waiting to see if the relationship is really over. I can hear my own heart pounding while listening to this amazing song. It will surely be at the top of my playlist. Give it a listen below:

You can find out more about Craig Morrison at You can also follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook. “Phone Call (Boom Boom) is available now at iTunes here:

Thanks for stopping by and getting buzzed! And Buzz, if you’re reading this, let’s get this on The Highway Finds!

Becki JollyComment