Music Video Review: Dawes "From A Window Seat" (2013)

The first video from Dawes' new album "Stories Don't End" is for the song "From A Window Seat". As this is my favorite song right now, I have spent many hours imagining the story of the song. It's about a guy on an airplane who spends a little time looking at the people around him before falling asleep. While asleep, he has a weird dream about "captains and explorers eating boots". Just as he is about to join them, he wakes up and is landing at home. He has also been taking notes about his impressions in order to write a song and realizes that the hero in the song is just an image of himself.  

Here we see him in the video as he sits down to begin the flight. As the song goes on, we realize that members of the band are sprinkled throughout the cabin and an older man sitting near the front is actually an older version of Dawes himself.  

It's a fun song and a fun video. Just thought I'd share it with you in case you missed it. I love Dawes. You can download the new album at the iTunes link below or pick it up in my store at the top of the page.  

Thanks for stopping by and getting buzzed!!