Music Video Review: Aimee Mann's "Labrador"

I can remember very clearly when MTV first debuted. It launched in 1981 and I was 16 years old. I lived in Alabama so the only place you could watch MTV was in Florida. So every spring break, my friends and I would go to Florida, turn on MTV, and never turn it off. Back then, all they showed were music videos. That's it. And it was wonderful. Bryan Adams (Cuts like a knife), Thomas Dolby (Blinded Me With Science), and Duran Duran (Girls On Film) were some of my favorites. And in 1985, 'Til Tuesday released "Voices Carry", with Aimee Mann singing lead vocals. The video won the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist. The theme of the video was a man trying to get his girlfriend to be more upper class. He berates her for her punk hairstyle and her participation in a band. Finally, at the end, she rebels against his oppression by singing loudly while seated amongst rich patrons at Carnegie Hall. My memory of her gloves and her hair at that moment are so vivid. You can watch the video below:

Now you might ask yourself why I'm talking about the "Voices Carry" video when I'm reviewing the "Labrador" video. Well, I'll tell you. Because the new video follows the old video frame for frame. Before I can tell you about the "Labrador" video, though, I'd like to show you one more. Tom Scharpling directed the video for the first single from Aimee Mann's new album, "Charmer". In this video, Laura Linney plays Mann's double, a robot that fills in for her at concerts so that she can be in more than one place at a time. Linney's ability to duplicate Mann's mannerisms is extraordinary. Let's watch this one now (it's awesome):

The "Labrador" video is directed by Jon Hamm (yes, that Jon Hamm). He plays Tom Scharpling as a greasy director with the brilliant idea to copy the "Voices Carry" video. Mann doesn't like the idea but because of a legal technicality, she has to do it. The boyfriend in the new video is played by Jon Wurster, the drummer for the Mountain Goats and Superchunk. He's hilarious, especially after you watch the original video for comparison. And now, for your enjoyment, "Labrador":

"Charmer" and "Labrador" are really good songs, too. I've been listening to them in my car, and they're really catchy. You can get them at iTunes here:

Charmer - Aimee Mann

Hope you enjoyed my review. Thanks for stopping by and getting buzzed!!