What's Playing in My Ear? (Summer 2013 Edition)

Every now and then, I like to update my readers about my favorite new songs. Today, I'm going to draw from my Summer 2013 Playlist.  

First up, we have Sting's latest single, "Practical Arrangement". The song tells the story of a man proposing to a woman, but it's not your usual proposal. He knows that she's not "in love" with him, but hopes that they can make a comfortable life together and that she will come to love him in time. I wonder how often this happens in real life. It's kind of a "you can't always get what you want" and "love the one you're with" type of deal. The music is reminiscent of what you might hear in a smoky piano bar.

Next up is "Recovery" by Frank Turner. This is a rousing tune about the dangerous and unhealthy things we will do to get over a love affair. He sings of blacking in and out in a flat in London taking a variety of things to stop thinking of his lost love, "dipping into my darkness for Serotonin boosters, cider, and some kind of smelling salts." This song makes me want to go to a rowdy pub in London and have a few! 

The next one song is "The One That Got Away" by The Civil Wars. This is a song for anyone who has ever loved someone they shouldn't have loved, wanting to go back to the time before they acted on their desires, before the pain and hurt. I love this duo and this is one of my favorites by them. The song pulls you in and makes you feel the pain.

My next song is "Supremacy" by Muse.  Borrowing from Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir", Muse has created a rock opera, complete with a full orchestra. Matthew Bellamy's voice is right up there with Freddie Mercury as one of the best voices in rock today. Put on your headphones, crank it up, and sink away into the song. Love this one!

The next two songs come from the movie soundtrack for "The Great Gatsby". First up is Jack White's cover of U2's "Love is Blindness". I love the emotion in his voice and the high pitched squeaks of the electric guitar, the frantic desperation of a passionate, dangerous love affair.

"Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey is the second song on my list from the movie.  The song truly captures the excesses of the love affair between Gatsby and Daisy. The lyrics refer to her "aching soul" and I must say that this song makes my soul ache.

Finally, I suggest "Warning Sign" by Scars on 45. I just love to turn this one up and watch the waves crashing on the shore when I'm at the beach. Lovely voices and lovely music. This is a great group. 

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Thanks for stopping by and getting buzzed! Let me know your summer favorites!