Music Review: The Young Romans "Tiger Child"

I just received word that this talented duo and one of their peers had ALL of their equipment stolen from their van. They simply do not have the funds to replace their stuff. I sure would hate for the world to be deprived of their sound because of some bad guys that heartlessly took things that do not belong to them. They currently have a fundraising campaign and in honor of them, I'm going to republish my review of their awesome album, "Tiger Child". Check out the video about their campaign, throw them a few bucks, and then do yourself a favor and download their album here.

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Last night I discovered the most remarkable album: "Tiger Child" by The Young Romans. At the end of the movie "Salmon Fishing In The Yemen", I heard a great song called "Where You Go". The song begins with a catchy beat and folksy guitar and instantly draws the listener in. I had to find out who was singing this great song, not knowing that I was in for the treat of a lifetime. The Young Romans are Brad Hooks and Sari Mellafe. Hooks began his career as a pianist and songwriter as a young man in North Carolina, eventually going to California. Mellafe was born in Chile and began playing the guitar in her teens. Her father is a classical guitarist, so she comes by her talent naturally. In what can only be described as serendipity, friends introduced them and they discovered that their voices and talents are made for each other.

Their first EP, "Yesterday Night", was released in 2010. Then after working for a year in the studio, their well-crafted full-length album, "Tiger Child", was released in March of 2012 with iTunes offering their song, "New Beginning" as the "Indie Download of the Week". Their success continued with the song mentioned above being chosen as the end credit for "Salmon Fishing". "Tiger Child" flows beautifully and every song on it is breathtaking. I am particularly fond of "Nothing Good About Goodbyes" with its lovely piano and vocals. It is reminiscent of the music from the film "Once". If you like Swell Season, you will love this group. I am also reminded of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan on "Cold Water".

The title song from the album is playful and poetic. Check out the video below:

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention their remake of Supertramp's The Logical Song. I would imagine that it is quite difficult to remake such an iconic song and produce something unique, but The Young Romans have done just that. From its lovely instrumentals and harmonizing vocals, this song stands alone from its predecessor.

Now that they have been signed by Jim Roach of Red Parade Music, their career trajectory should shoot straight up. I am looking forward to more from these two extraordinarily talented musicians. I am so pleased to recommend this album to my readers. It's been a long time since I have been this excited about one of my reviews, and I hope you are just as pleased. I played the songs for my son who has very good tast in music, and he agreed that this is a duo worth checking out.

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