Music Review: What's Playing in My Ear?

I just created my new January 2013 playlist and wanted it to share it with you:

1. "It's Only Life" by The Shins- I love this song. It has a hopeful message for anyone who is going through a rough time. Here's a lyric:

Well I guess it's only life

It's only natural

We all spend a little while going down the rabbit hole

The things they taught ya

They're lining up to haunt ya

They got your back against the wall

Call you on the telephone

Won't you pick up the receiver?

I've been down the very road you're walking now

It doesn't have to be so dark and lonesome

Takes a while but we can figure this thing out

And turn it back around

These lyrics have a very personal meaning to me. Having survived several bouts of depression in my life, I know how important it can be to know that you're not alone and that there is someone who will be there for you.

2. "Little Black Submarines" by The Black Keys- This is a good, old-fashioned rock song. The style reminds me of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven". It starts out as a ballad about how blind broken hearts can be and then it picks up a little in the second verse. Then the electric guitar comes in and the whole thing just breaks loose with awesome drums and guitar licks. This band is the real deal and I wouldn't be surprised if future generations look back at The Black Keys and put them in the list of top rock bands of all time.

3. "Let Me Lie" by Trey Anastasio (from Phish)- I don't know what this song means, but it makes me smile. It just makes me want to get up and dance around or go for a brisk walk. It is impossible to be sad when you hear this song. There isn't a good video for this one, though.

Gonna take my bike out

Take my bike

Gonna ride it slowly

Gonna ride just how I like


"California Stars" by Billy Bragg and Wilco- Bragg teams up with Wilco to sing this great song with lyrics by Woody Guthrie, but he never wrote music for it. In 1995, Guthrie's estate approached Bragg about writing the music and the song was finally complete. I wasn't surprised at all to hear that Guthrie wrote the lyrics. The song makes you want to sit by a campfire and sleep beneath the stars. I really like the tinny, honky tonk piano playing in the background.

5. "Starlight" by Muse- I heard this song on the "Crazy, Stupid, Love" soundtrack and loved it instantly. Again, like some of the other songs in this list, it makes me want to dance around the house with the music turned up uber loud!

6. "If Only" by Dave Matthews Band- This is my new favorite song. I can just imagine slow-dancing with my love, swaying on the dance floor. This is what DMB does best. Love it.

I know it's short list, but I think it's a good one. Hopefully you've found a song you like and hadn't heard before. If you want the songs (and want to send a little love to JollyBuzz), you can get them at iTunes below:

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