What's Playing in My Ear?

Note: This is an updated version of an earlier post. I'm a little under the weather and have been out of town on top of that, so please excuse the rebuzz!

There are some great new songs out there, and I'd like to share a few for you to add to your playlist. The first song is "This Head I Hold" by Electric Guest. I literally cannot stop dancing to this song. It makes me want to shimmy and shake and sing along. It is sure to put you in a great mood.

This Head I Hold - Mondo

Next we have "Silenced By the Night" by Keane. This is the first single off of their new album "Stangeland". It is straight up classic Keane, with beautiful vocals and lyrics. I have listened to the entire album, actually, and every song on it is great. Check it out!

Silenced By the Night - Strangeland (Deluxe Version)

This next song is "The Boxer" by Jerry Douglas featuring Mumford and Sons. A cover of Simon and Garfunkle's classic, it is quite fresh and different. I actually prefer it over the original even though that may alienate some of my readers. I am a sucker for any of Mumford and Sons music. If you don't have their last album, you really should get it.

The Boxer (feat. Mumford & Sons & Paul Simon) - Traveler

"Love  Don't Leave Me Waiting" is the latest for Glen Hansard of Swell Season fame. You may remember him from the movie "Once" (watch it if you haven't) which has now been made into a broadway play. It is beautiful ballad and just what you would expect from such a talented singer songwriter.

Love Don't Leave Me Waiting - Rhythm and Repose (Deluxe Edition)

I was quite delighted and surprised by this next song. "Oh Susanna" is the latest from Neil Young and Crazy Horse. And yes, it is THAT "Oh Susanna" but with an upbeat tempo and some fresh takes on the lyrics. My son and I just love to sing that song in the car. And it doesn't hurt that it mentions Alabama, my home state.

Oh Susannah - Americana (Deluxe Edition)

A suprising addition is "These Are My Mountains" off the Speyside Sessions and sung by actor Kevin McKidd (from Trainspotting and Grey's Anatomy). So stirring and beautiful and his Scottish accent comes right through. The proceeds from the album are going to Save The Children and the details can be found at: 


. Help support their wonderful cause!

These Are My Mountains - The Speyside Sessions

Check out the video below:

And finally, "Love Interrupted" by Jack White. This song has the most deliciously biting lyrics about love since The Beautiful South (if you don't know this group, you have to check them out). He wants love to "murder my own mother", "walk right up and bite" him, "stick a knife inside him and twist it all around". It is cathartic and fun to sing.

Love Interruption - Blunderbuss

I hope you enjoy these suggestions. And remember, you just got buzzed!