Coming Distractions (TV Review)

Coming Distractions, a new pilot for a TV show, is an absolute delight. The show concerns the plight of a small independent theater called Cinema Six, (a mysterious misnomer as it only has five screens) as its future is threatened by a large, corporate multiplex (MegaFilmPlex) across town. The theater reminds one of a simpler time, when movies were about entertainment, not merchandising and marketing. But can this "David" conquer its "Goliath"? 


Cinema Six is run by the highly energetic Mr. Darvis , a man who seems to be funny when he doesn’t mean to be and a bit corny when he tries. Clearly, he loves the theater and is hopeful that he and his staff will be able to save the future of Cinema Six. Darvis is expertly played by veteran actor and writer David Huband.

 The new manager, Rebecca, comes to her new position from MegaFilmPlex, a place so repellent she just couldn’t continue to work there. Unfortunately, Rebecca made some enemies before she left who would like nothing more than to see her, and CinemaSix, fail. It falls to Rebecca to help save Cinema Six from being put out of business. Played by Felicia Simone, we are witnessing the beginning of a long career in TV and film. She has a poise and restraint not often seen in an ingénue.

 The current manager is Andrew, the only seemingly normal person working at Cinema Six. It’s a mystery as to why Andrew is working there, as he is clearly overqualified for his current position. Justin Mader (recognizable to audiences for his previous role in the Oscar nominated Room) portrays Andrew as someone you can trust to lead you in the right direction.

The rest of the staff at Cinema Six is made up of quirky teenagers like the not-so-bright Jordan (Mathew Edmondson) and the emo (and slightly scary) Sunny (Sofie Uretsky). Between wearing glasses from the lost-and-found to threatening to take the hair off Rebecca’s head, these two will steal every scene. 

Of course, what story would be complete with a couple of incompetent bad guys to try to foil the plans of the good guys. Herbert (Nathan McLeod) and Haley (Torri Webster), Rebecca’s enemies from MegaFilmPlex, have embarked on a mission to destroy the future of Rebecca and Cinema Six, starting with sabotaging the graphics on a retro arcade game. Little do they know that there is an errant goose named George who just might save the day.

Coming Distractions is currently looking to be picked up by a broadcaster or streaming service in order to produce a full season of this entertaining show. Check out the pilot episode at and see for yourself why audiences everywhere will be clamoring for more.