TV Review: Drunk History (2013)

Have you ever wanted to know more about history? Do you never tire of learning? Do you like to laugh until you cry WHILE you learn about history? Do you like to watch the best actors of the day act out famous scenes from history? Then I've got great news for you. Based on the web series that began on Funny or Die , Drunk History now comes to Comedy Central beginning on July 9 (but you can see it right now on Hulu). 

The premise of the show is that one person drinks until they are nearly incoherent and then tells the story of a famous historical event. At the same time, we watch famous actors act out the story exactly as the drunk narrator is telling it. When the drunk narrator slurs his words, the actors slur their words. When the drunk narator pukes, the actor pukes. If the drunk narrator flubs his lines, the actor flubs his lines. It is absolutely hilarious. I'm not sure why it's so funny, but it is. 

Some of the actors seen in the series are Jack Black, Will Forte, Dave Grohl, and Adam Scott. The first historical events related are Watergate, the assassination of Lincoln, and the time that Elvis meets Nixon. I would strongly recommend that you also go back and watch the episodes on Funny or Die as well. A particular favorite of mine is the one where Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes act out The Night Before Christmas