"Go On" and "Animal Practice": Two New Comedies From NBC

NBC has 2 new comedies,

Go On


Animal Practice

, coming out in September, but I have been able to watch both pilots in preview. Let's start with

Go On

, the new comedy starring Matthew Perry. I've always been a fan of Perry, so I was looking forward to seeing him back on TV after his previous show,

Studio 60

, was cancelled (I liked that show!). Perry plays Ryan King, a sportscaster dealing with the recent death of his wife. He is ordered by his boss Steven (John Cho) to attend grief counseling sessions after he loses it at work. Of course, this is the last thing he wants to do. The grief group is headed up by Lauren Schneider (played by Laura Benanti). Schneider and King get off to a rocky start when he takes over the group when she is late. She walks in just as the group is finishing a loud, boisterous competition to see who has the saddest story in the group. Immediately, she feels threatened by King's presence in the group.

The tactic of using the competition introduces us to the rest of the group: Anne (Julie White)- an angry lesbian lawyer dealing with the death of her partner, George (Bill Cobbs)- an elderly man who has gone blind, Owen (Tyler James Williams)- a quiet teen whose brother is in a coma after an accident, and Mr. K (Brett Gelman)- a creepy guy with a hidden agenda. Through the competition, we learn each of their stories, but we also see that Perry's King deals with his grief with comedy and sports.

Perry is restrained in his portrayal of King and does a beautiful job of conveying the pain of losing the "only woman he has ever loved." But we still get the quick comedic timing that we have come to expect from him. The supporting cast includes some great veteran actors and the characters are lovingly portrayed. By the end of the pilot, I felt that I had been taken on a journey of various emotions, and I can't wait to see where it will take me in future episodes. The final scene is so heartwarming that it actually made me glad to be alive. I highly recommend checking this show out. You can download the pilot for free now on iTunes 

Go On, Season 1 - Go On

, watch it at www.nbc.com, or catch it when it premieres on NBC on September 11 at 9/8c.

The next new show from NBC is

Animal Practice

. The show is centered around a veterinary practice run by Dr. George Coleman (played by Justin Kirk,


). Coleman has an unorthodox style and much prefers animals to humans, as evidenced by the fact that his second in command is a little capuchin monkey in a lab coat named Dr. Rizzo (played by Crystal,

The Hangover II, Community

). The atmosphere in the hospital is disrupted when Coleman's ex-girlfriend, Dorothy Crane (played by JoAnna Garcia Swisher), arrives with the news that she has inherited the hospital and plans to make some changes.

While Crane and Coleman clash over her attempts to organize the chaos in the hospital, we are introduced to the rest of the staff: Dr. Doug Jackson (Tyler Labine)- a young vet with much to learn in the area of romance, Dr. Yamamoto (Bobby Lee)- a wimpy, hapless vet with wife issues, Juanita (Kym Whitley)- a nurse struggling to keep order, and Angela (Betsy Sodaro)- a young nurse who just might be on the autistic spectrum.

Animal Practice

isn't on the same level as

Go On

, but it is good for a stupid laugh. I was surprised at how often the monkey made me laugh. Usually I don't care for that type of humor, but he seems so human! And if you liked Justin Kirk in


, you might like him in this. Again, you can watch the pilot for free now on iTunes

Animal Practice, Season 1 - Animal Practice

, watch it at www.nbc.com, or catch it when it premieres on NBC on September 26 at 8/7c.

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