The League:The Funniest Show I Never Watched

The following is a repost of my review of The League which just started Season 4 on FX Network. Check it out on Thursdays at 9:30/10:30pm. 

My wonderful friends, The McDougalls, told me about a great show on FX Network called The League. Amazingly, I had never heard of this show even though it comes on right after one of my favorites, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So I checked it out on Netflix Instant Streaming. If you don't know about this show, you need to watch it. It's absolutely hilarious and so well-written. The cast has such a great chemistry together. It's as if they really are five guys who went to high school together. The League refers to the Fantasy Football League that the guys have called the Shiva League (after their homely high school valedictorian). Each year they compete mercilessly with one another for the coveted Shiva, the trophy which has her picture on it. These guys get together regularly at Gibson's, a Chicago steakouse, to discuss the League and trash-talk. They also send video chats to one another with the most vile, disgusting insults you can imagine. And it is so funny, you won't be able to catch your breath.

Here's a line-up of the cast (pun intended):

Pete (Mark Duplass)- newly divorced and in a job he hates.


Ruxin (Nick Kroll)- jewish guy married to a latina girl, has a baby, germaphobe, lawyer


Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi)- married to Jenny (Katie Aselton) who is also a league enthusiast, has never won the Shiva.


Andre (Paul Scheer)- plastic surgeon, socially awkward, metrosexual


Taco (Jon Lajoie)-Kevin's brother, essentially homeless, borderline mentally disabled, gorgeous and the ladies love him


After watching all 3 seasons, I would now like to list some of the goodies you can look forward to in this show. If you have already watched this show, please enjoy this walk down memory lane:

Cocaine toilet seat                                      Fun with Feces!

Crap the booze out.                                    "Poor Girl" Move

Penis bird/Butt mountain                            Halloween Booze Cart

Some things you can't unsee, bro.              Fear Boner

Don't forget your anal kegels!                    Murder Boner

Three Penis Wine                                       Anticiperection

Boyfriend Chameleon                                Work Flirt

Bathroom Cubby                                       Vinegar Strokes

Deep Googler                                            Shiva Blast

Frittata                                                        SPUNK

Manopause                                                Kegel the Elf

DRAIDS                                                   Au Pairs

Baby Geoffrey                                           Pee Bib

Golden Gate Bridge                                  Carmenjello

Ol' Grandpa Crotch                                   Smoke Crotch

Brown Betty                                              MyFace

Bobbum Man                                            Urban Foraging

Soup Group                                               Glovesy

Yoblogoya                                                 Zipper Fairies

Underwear Stickers                                   Forever Stamps

Sitting in gum                                            Mixology

Krav Maga                                                Autocorrect

Guest bong

Clearly, this is a classy show with classy content. I'm going to watch it all again! I fear that I was laughing so hard, I might have missed a few jokes trying to catch my breath. My husband literally walked over to me and told me to breathe.Check it out below and remember, you just got buzzed!